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5 ¾" H x 4 ½" W
Product Description:

The Cactus Bank brings a fun, decorative style to any space! This quality, hand-poured bisque piece is based on the Saguaro Cactus native to Arizona and parts of Mexico. With its rounded shape, upswept arms, and terra cotta pot base, this Cactus Bank makes a great gift that will brighten up any bedroom, office, or a bookshelf!

Every child needs to learn the value of money, but they don’t need to be limited by the classic piggy bank! The Cactus Bank will be a fun project for an aspiring botanist! Perhaps you know a little George Washington Carver or Gregor Mendel, a young person who is curious about all kinds of plant life! They’ll love this!

In decorating your Cactus Bank, perhaps try to emulate nature with its variety of natural deep greens and shadowed ribs! Consider coloring your Cactus Bank with white flowers that bloom in late Spring or perhaps the bright red fruit that appears in the Summer. But you also might consider a more artistic approach and paint this lovely piece of pottery with colors associated with the Southwest like orange-red and turquoise!

After the Cactus Bank is designed and painted, a clear glaze is applied, and the piece is fired in a kiln. This process hardens the exterior, makes it water tight and hand-washable. The bank comes with a convenient rubber stopper in the foot for convenient access to coins.

So, get a Cactus Bank! Design a unique piece to beautify a room or space, and learn a little more about the Southwest’s natural flora! If this is a child’s first painted pottery, the Cactus Bank will be a regular reminder of their ability and give them something to be proud of creating!

Cactus Bank

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