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9 ⅛" L x 5 ⅝" H x 4 ⅛" W

The Elephant Tea Pot’s design is based on an Asian Elephant in traditional Indian dress! India is one of the largest tea producers in the world, and this elephant teapot would be a natural vessel for Indian and Sri Lankan teas like Ceylon, Assam, and Darjeeling!

In his essay, “A Nice Cup of Tea,” famous British author and tea expert, George Orwell, famously talked about his preference in teas: “First of all, one should use Indian or Ceylonese tea ... Anyone who has used that comforting phrase 'a nice cup of tea' invariably means Indian tea.”

To use the Elephant Tea Pot, pour hot water into the pot to heat it up as you get your tea ready! Once the pot is nice and hot, replace the water with fresh boiling water and pour in your chosen amount of loose leaf tea leaves! [Tip: Often, the larger the leaves, the higher the quality.] Let steep for three to five minutes then use a strainer to catch the tea leaves as you pour it out of the spout! Finally, enjoy with a touch of cream and, perhaps, a dollop of dandelion honey!

When painting your Elephant Tea Pot, be inspired by tradition Indian elephant dress! For ceremonies, elephants are dress in sequin coverings that are as bright as the spices that are native to the region! Use deep red, gold, and bright green! There is no limit to your color palette for this piece!

Once your Elephant Tea Pot is painted, it will be dipped or painted with clear glaze and fired in a kiln to seal and waterproof the exterior. This step makes the exterior more durable and hand washable!

Get in the habit of enjoying delicious loose leaf tea with the Elephant Tea Pot! It’s a great project for kids, families, and adults, and it makes a great gift for friends and family!

Elephant Tea Pot

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